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About RobotOlympics

This year's edition is going to take place on 17th December. Register now for an amazing experience.

Heat up the circuits in the most intense robotic competition. RobotOlympics is organizing five competitions which will test your robot's limits. We are waiting for you and your robot to accept the challenge in one or many of those categories: Line Follower Advanced, Line Follower Deadly 1:1, Line Follower KIDS, LEGO Sumo, MiniSumo and Robotic Showcase.

RobotOlympics is showcasing in advance all of the blueprints of the competition tracks for: Line Follower Advanced, Line Follower Deadly 1:1 and Line Follower KIDS. They will be built in the night preceding the event, and all the participants are welcome to help us build them. Starting date and hour for the build will be posted on our Facebook page. As soon as the track course is finished, teams can start the adjustment and calibration of their robots.

We wish you all good luck!



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